External motorised blinds are window coverings that are installed on the outside of your windows, equipped with a motor for automatic operation. They can be controlled remotely, allowing for convenient adjustment of light and privacy.
These blinds operate with a motor that is controlled remotely via a wall switch, remote control, smartphone app, or voice-activated smart home system. You can adjust them up or down to your preferred position without manual effort.
Yes, many external motorised blinds are designed to be compatible with smart home systems, allowing for seamless control alongside other smart devices in your home for ultimate convenience and efficiency.
They offer enhanced privacy, improved energy efficiency by regulating indoor temperature, UV protection for your interiors, noise reduction, and a sleek, modern aesthetic. Plus, the convenience of remote and automated control.

We use RENSON Fixscreens which are certified to withstand winds of up to to 120kmph

Absolutely. By controlling the amount of sunlight entering a room, these blinds can help maintain a consistent indoor temperature, reducing the need for heating or cooling and consequently lowering energy costs.
There’s a wide range, including roller, Venetian, and vertical blinds, each available in various materials and colors to suit different architectural styles and personal preferences.
They can be powered by batteries, solar power, or direct connection to your home’s electrical system, depending on the model and installation specifics.
While some DIY kits are available, professional installation is recommended to ensure proper fit, function, and integration with electrical systems and smart home technologies.
Consider factors such as window size and location, desired material and color, compatibility with smart home systems, and specific needs like UV protection or energy efficiency. Consulting with a specialist can help tailor the perfect solution for your home.
Yes, they are designed for durability and to withstand the elements, using high-quality materials and construction to ensure longevity and performance.
Regular dusting and occasional wiping with a damp cloth are usually sufficient. Avoid harsh chemicals and consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific care instructions to ensure longevity.
Most external motorised blinds are built to endure typical weather conditions; however, it’s advisable to retract them during extreme weather to prevent damage.
With proper care and maintenance, they can last many years. The lifespan can vary based on the quality of the product, usage patterns, and environmental conditions.
Many come with obstacle detection and stop functions to prevent damage or injury, as well as secure mounting systems to ensure they remain safely in place.
Yes, with smart blinds connected to a home automation system, you can adjust your blinds from anywhere using a smartphone app.
Yes, the addition of modern, energy-efficient, and convenient features like motorised blinds can be appealing to potential buyers, potentially increasing your home’s market value.
Yes, when fully closed, they offer excellent privacy protection, blocking views from the outside effectively.
They are versatile but work best on windows where maximizing control over light and privacy is desired. Considerations might include access to power sources and the structural integrity of the installation area.
Begin by assessing your needs and preferences, then consult with a professional blinds specialist who can provide recommendations.
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